Technical Services

Submission Software Installation & Systems Validation Services

VECTOR offers a range of software to support your regulatory needs. Our technical expertise includes years of experience working with pharmaceutical companies in Africa, implementing systems to transition customers from a paper based process to electronic submissions.

We will advise you on your setup and assist you in the installation and validation of your new submission systems.

Training Services

eSubmission and Software Training & Industry eCTD Workshops

Whether it is software training for regulatory information management, submission compilation, submission validation or submission tracking, VECTOR offers the training you will need to make the most out of your software implementation.

With years of experience with electronic submissions, our training expertise is often shared in industry workshops with practical hands-on exercises.

Consulting Services

Technical Systems Setup, SOP Development & Transitional Consulting for Electronic Submissions and Processes

Our consulting expertise goes back to working with customers transitioning from paper based processes to electronic submissions when eCTD was first introduced in the U.S., Canada, and the EU in 2002. We at VECTOR know what to look out for, what to plan and how to make the most of moving to an electronic based submission process.

We have assisted companies throughout the world develop processes and SOPs to ensure the switch to their new processes is smooth and easy.

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