VECTOR Life Sciences focuses on Regulatory Operations for the African regulatory market with a key focus on the implementation and usage of electronic systems to improve regulatory efficiency. VECTOR supports both industry and regulators in their transition from paper based methods to electronic processes.

VECTOR Life Sciences is the distributor and service provider for LORENZ Life Sciences in Africa and a member of the AMRH Partnership Platform.

VECTOR’s extensive EXPERIENCE includes the installation and validation of regulatory systems, regulatory and submission training (CTD/eCTD, eSubmissions, etc.), regulatory process consulting and application compilation.

The ENTIRE VECTOR Team is based in South Africa providing you with quick and local support.


Technical Experience

Our IT team has been INSTALLING and maintaining IT systems in South Africa for over 24 years. We know the local environment, the challenges and expectations. We can not only assist you with the setup of regulatory systems but also advise you on the environment they will be implemented into.

We have been implementing and VALIDATING e-regulatory systems in South Africa since the initial steps were taken by the MCC to move to CTD/eCTD in 2010. We understand the validation requirements of the regulatory field and know what it means to implement and maintain validated systems. Our IT personnel will bring you a unique understanding of IT requirements within a validated regulatory environment.


Andrew Gilchrist

Director at VECTOR Life Sciences Ltd. (Pty)

Training Experience

Our VECTOR Training team has been providing regulatory TRAINING in South Africa since before the introduction of CTD in South Africa. We have been involved in CTD/eCTD training since its initial implementation in 2003 in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Our Trainers have provided industry workshops in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, India and Australia. They have performed application compilation training with both big and small pharma companies in 8 of the 9 eCTD regions as well as evaluator training at over 20 health authorities around the globe.

We have worked with and done COACHING for applicants of human medicines, veterinary medicines, medical devices, API suppliers, and cosmetics.

Kent Briggs

Director at VECTOR Life Sciences Ltd. (Pty)

Consulting Experience

Our Consulting team has been working in regulatory affairs in South Africa since before the introduction of CTD here in 2010 and globally since before the introduction of CTD in 2002. Our INDUSTRY CONSULTING experience is extensive and includes working with all sizes of clients from large multi-national pharma firms to small consulting companies. We have assisted customers working with a variety of applications for pharma, medical devices, complementary, veterinary, and API Manufacturers. Our AUTHORITY CONSULTING includes authoring the eCTD specifications for 2 of the 9 eCTD regions and advising more than 7 agencies on their system configuration and evaluation processes. We understand the history and local needs in South Africa and have a thorough understanding of international standards, harmonisation movements and where the market is going.

Company Statement

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to empower Life Sciences through smart technological solutions for a more efficient future.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to continue to grow and develop advantageous solutions to manage challenges of both industry and authority customers in the Life Sciences.

We provide end-to-end strategic support and supply top-rated digital solutions, developed by experts in their field.

We promote harmonisation efforts on the African continent and beyond.

Values Statement

Our Values are founded on an ethical and moral approach that embraces healthy competition and encourages knowledge transfer between authorities, applicants, consultants and software solution vendors.

We believe that in the best interest of the patient, who is in effect the end customer for all in this industry, an amicable supportive environment is the best means to ensure the availability of quality products in the Life Sciences environment.

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